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Fashion is the 2nd most unsustainable and polluting industry after petroleum.

FACT: Making just one t-shirt uses 2,700 litres of water (3 years worth of drinking water).

FACT: More chemical pesticides are used for cotton than for any other crop.

FACT: Two-thirds of new clothing is now synthetic, which sheds microplastic particles into the ocean with every wash.

Forward thinking companies are changing the way fashion is done.


by Paul Castro

Waste is a huge part of the problem.

FACT: 80 billion new garments are produced globally every year. One third is sent to landfill.

FACT: Australians buy an average of 27 kilos of new textiles each year and discard 23 kilograms.

FACT: Two-thirds of discarded garments are man made fibres that take decades to decompose.

After 20 years in the fashion industry, designer Paul Castro was confronted with the problem of fashion waste when visiting a Melbourne warehouse to buy fabric.


'To my amazement, it was filled with hundreds of boxes of unsold, unwanted shirts and suits.


I wanted to do something - I needed to find a way to resurrect this dead stock and give it new life.'

Paul's response to the problem of waste was to create AMASSMENT, a bespoke  label that specialises in taking unwanted, unused clothing and transforming it into high-end women's fashion.


By applying superior level design skills, AMASSMENT specifically aims to create shapes and forms not previously seen.


Wearing an AMASSMENT creation allows the wearer to show their support for a stylish yet sustainable fashion industry.

Industry recognition came in the form of a major international prize at the iD Dunedin International Emerging Designer Award.

We can't function without our generous partners supplying us with their excess deadstock and

unwanted garments.


So, if you have any and want to help

create a sustainable fashion industry and heal the planet,

contact AMASSMENT!



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